Welcome to Just Wholesome

Just Wholesome is about the promotion of health via nutrition and education. To that end, we’re excited to offer Just Wholesome Bone Broth.

Our fast-paced modern lifestyle places increasing demands on us, both physically and mentally. With so many demands on our time, we frequently ignore our body's need for proper nutrition and self-care.

We developed Just Wholesome Bone Broth to provide you with a convenient source of potent nutrition that fits comfortably into your busy lifestyle. Our savory bone broth is the beneficial fuel and nourishment that your self-healing, complex limited-edition body so desperately needs.

Each delicious batch contains valuable nutrients that promote healthy digestion, fight joint inflammation and pain, inhibit infection, and boost your immune system. This is made possible using traditional preparation and cooking methods that release and preserve these healing nutrients.

Just Wholesome is Better for You

  • We source our bones directly from farms that have a history of responsible practices in raising their animals. That includes being pasture-raised (unconfined), grass fed and free of hormones.

  • Our broth is produced in a slow-simmer process over a period of days (yes, days). It’s one of those things that can’t be rushed. Slow-simmering causes the healing compounds (collagen, proline, glycine and glutamine) found in the bones and ligaments to be released.

  • Visit any local market and you’ll see shelves crammed with all manner of broths, stocks and freeze-dried bouillon cubes in plastic containers, cans and tetra-paks. In addition to waste (only 20% of recycling facilities in the U.S. are equipped to work with tetra-paks; the rest go into your local landfill), canned broth contains unhealthy levels of MSG (monosodium glutamate) used as flavoring. Most canned broths are contaminated by the BPA-infused plastic used in the can’s lining – and plastic, while touted as recyclable, simply doesn’t break down.

  • Our process ensures you receive only 100% pure bone broth.

  • We’re big supporters of the environment, and that includes zero-waste, low-impact processes. Our bone broth never touches or is stored in plastic; therefore, zero EA (estrogenic activity).

  • Made by real humans for humans. Every bone, vegetable and herb that goes into our savory Just Wholesome Bone Broth are prepared with care and added by hand.